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Inspired by the moon's cycle, 111SKIN's 'LUNAR28' system is an intensive 28-day program that improves luminosity and clarity, while tackling uneven skin tone. In week one, the 'Enzymatic Resurfacing Serum' gently peels, exfoliates and corrects the surface of the skin. Week two introduces the illuminating process with clinical-grade 'Moderate Brightening Serum' - a potent treatment supercharged with Brightenyl to target age spots and minimize pores. During week three, the 'Intensive Brightening Serum' treats skin to a shot of Melanoregulators and Retinoid resurfacers to smooth texture and help reduce pigmentation. The fourth week is a seal and repair process, using the nourishing 'Restoration and Protection Serum' - it contains a fusion of Agascalm™ and Superox-C™ to soothe inflammation and redness, as well as Pronalen Bio Protect to defend against future damage. The result? A clarified, more youthful-looking appearance. -Instructions for use: - Massage into skin at night after cleansing, avoiding the under-eye area - Wear sunscreen during the day - Please note that slight redness and tingling can be expected - 2 x 0.68 fl.oz./ 20ml; 14 x 0.05 fl.oz./ 1.5ml - Made in the UK

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