Löwengrip Good to go Light Apple and Cedarwood Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair 250ml

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Revitalise your hair in-between washes with the Löwengrip Good to go Apple & Cedarwood Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair. The formula absorbs excess oil to leave the hair feeling clean and refreshed. Designed to blend with brown and dark hair colours to avoid a white cast, the volumising dry shampoo adds texture and body to the hair for a tousled, bed-head finish. Formulated with nourishing Provitamin B5 and Hydrolysed soy protein to add texture while respecting the hair’s natural moisture barrier. Suitable for all hair colours, the dry shampoo is infused with a fresh apple, apricot, floral and cedarwood fragrance to leave your hair looking and smelling amazing!

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