by Talika

Talika Bio Enzymes Hydrating Mask 20 g

Replenish your complexion with Talika Bio Enzymes Hydrating Mask, a serum-infused sheet mask saturated with a host of beneficial ingredients to help combat redness, tightness and dry skin. With a three dimensional structure that enables it to retain and deliver a high concentration of active ingredients, the face mask clings comfortably to your face like a 'second skin'; it infuses the complexion with hydrating and antioxidant components, including Alpine Herbs, Sodium Hyaluronate and Hydrophilic Sugars to moisturise, soften and calm dry, uncomfortable skin. Expect a repaired and replenished, healthy-looking complexion. Sheet masks are an effective delivery system for ingredients, allowing nutrients and nourishment to penetrate deep down for maximum efficacy.…

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